Reid Ouse

Minneapolis, MN

Catalyst Training

Founder/Skills Trainer

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In today's age trainers are popping up everywhere. Yet, few possess the coaching background that Reid Ouse has. Reid began training in the New York City area, and quickly began making a name for himself in the competitive NYC market. Throughout the past year Reid has traveled all over the United States to work with over 2,000 athletes, including nationally recognized players at the youth, international, college & professional levels. ​ Through his time as a full-time trainer, Reid has helped over 60 players make the jump from high school to the college ranks. While on the East Coast, Reid directed The Hoop School, New Jersey's premier basketball training program. The Hoop School program currently trains many of the top youth players in the area. ​ He also is the Director of Coaching for the NBA Big Man Clinic, based out of New York City. This organization is run through Bridg[i]lance, a non-profit organization created to help bring awareness to the lack of bone marrow donors in the minority community. The Big Man Clinic partners with many current and former NBA & WNBA players and coaches to provide training in inner-city areas.


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Reid Ouse


Reid Ouse