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"Playing at Less Than 100%?" - By Joshua Wintz of J. Wintz Bodywork

Josh Wintz is a graduate of Bethel University and is the owner of J. Wintz Bodywork. Josh has spent time working with professional, college and high school athletes.


When it comes to therapy it seems like just about any other decision you have to make nowadays, more options than you know what to do with and not enough information. This is not the situation you want to be in when you are trying to perform on the court at your full potential. Playing at less than 100% comes with the game but striving to be as close to 100% is why players turn to therapy. As one of the most physical players in the NBA, Lebron James played all 82 games for the first time in his career at the age of 33. According to the Business Insider, Lebron spends upwards of $1.5 million on the care of his body each year.  Now obviously not many people can spend 7 figures on the care of their body but clearly taking care of your body should be a top priority. 

I started J. Wintz Bodywork back in 2016 because of my passion for helping athletes not only recover from injuries but the more important and commonly overlooked aspect of preventing injury. Being a Licensed Athletic Trainer has provided me with the background and knowledge base to best serve my clients and to provide high-level care for athletes. I use muscle testing and range of motion to figure out which muscles are underperforming. I then target the muscle and tendon using different techniques to get them reconnected to the brain. I finally retest the muscle and range of motion to make sure the muscle is functioning properly. In my therapy, by getting to the root of the issue I help athletes see more substantial results both in the prevention and recovery from injury. 

Nowadays, in our fast-paced lifestyle, we often look to the quick “fix,” which only brushes the surface issue of the pain or discomfort athletes experience. I would like to leave you with one piece of advice and something to consider before my next post. Just as you would not only look at the leaves of a tree if it was dying, in the same way, you should not just look at your pain or discomfort as a singular issue that is not connected to something deeper.



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