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"Why Use Dribble Hand-Offs?" - By Reid Ouse

Personally, dribble hand-offs (DHO’s) are some of the favorite actions to teach because:

1.) They are extremely difficult to guard.

2.) They make it easy for you to flow into the next offensive sequence.

When I think about offensive concepts, I am constantly reminded of Tex Winter’s comment of how a defensive player cannot effectively guard two consecutive actions.

Think about screen the screener for a second. If the defender of the initial screen doesn't show, it typically leads to a wide-open shot. If they choose to show, they get back-screened and are forced to recover.

They cannot effectively guard both actions by themself. They are forced to choose one and hope that their teammates are in the right help-side positions.

DHO’s are no different, and it actually makes it easy to isolate a defender and force them to make a decision.

Think about some of the options that we have off of a DHO:

1.) Receive the DHO and turn the corner

2.) Stop behind the DHO & shoot it

3.) Receive the DHO and immediately use your teammate as a ball screen

4.) Fake the DHO and the original ball handler keeps it

5.) Use the DHO as a decoy for a backside action.

The list goes on and on.

Now, how do we effectively teach DHO’s? We are going to be coming out with a couple videos soon that breakdown options out of DHO look. In the meantime, take a look at this pinch post video we made a few years back that takes a look at some DHO options.


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